Anderson County High School

         2135 N. Charles G. Seivers Blvd. Clinton Tn. 37716

                           ONE TEAM COOLER


9:00am Anderson Co. vs. Arsenal

11:00am Anderson Co. vs. Rampage

1:00pm Arsenal vs. Rampage

3:00pm Bucs vs. Corbin Crushers

5:00pm Venom vs. Corbin Crushers

7:00pm Venom vs. Bucs


10:00am G1 #6 vs. #3

12:00pm G2 #5 vs. #4

2:00pm G3 Winner G1 vs. #2

4:00pm G4 Winner G2 vs. #1

6:00pm Championship


Game Times 1hr45mins, no new inning after 1hr40mins. 10/3, 8/4

**** Seeds are determined after pool play, if you are seeded to play a team you played in pool play, seeds may be flipped (POOL PLAY PROTECTION) ****

Players can only use BBCORE , Wood Bats, drop 3 bats


                10 (2-day)